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Chào Mừng

I never thought a trip to a pharmacy would inspire me to leave a 5 star review. Sy has proved me wrong! The loveliest people, so kind, so warm and welcoming. A true local community experience and these folks are incredible. Swap all your prescriptions and get your COVID 19 shots and bivalent omicron boosters here. Walkins both available and welcomed (there’s a difference!) and this is exactly the kind of local business we have to keep alive in Seattle. Kristina King

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I also never thought I would leave a 5 star review for a pharmacy, but everyone I spoke to was helpful and friendly, and went above and beyond to help me transfer a prescription and navigate insurance. E S

Dr. Sy is fantastic. She is not only a brilliant pharmacist, but all her staff are friendly, accurate and service oriented. You can even have your vaccinations and prescriptions explained in English, Vietnamese, or Chinese. I got my flu shot and 2 Covid Booster shots here and it was easy with little waiting. Very rarely do I have to wait long for anything and they have never made even a tiny mistake on any prescription or answering questions about other basic drug store supplies they sell here. Sooo much better service AND better prices than Bartell's! They know me by name so I don't even have to give Rx numbers for all of my usual meds when I call because Rx and insurance info is already effortlessly on screen. Big chain companies are understaffed and make many errors. Dr. Sy's staff is always on the ball! Mossy Climber

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Multi-lingual Services

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Set up an appointment to review your current medications

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Organize all your prescriptions in a weekly pill pack, pre-sorted by time and day

Monthly follow up with pharmacist to monitor your drug regimen to optimize outcome

Phuong Sy

Founder, PharmD

About the Founder / Pharmacist

It has been a privilege serving my community members in the Rainier Valley as a pharmacist for a local retail pharmacy for almost 10 years. I have learned first-hand the equity gaps in healthcare due to economics and cultural barriers. Through the years of serving my community members, I realized the community could be better serve in many ways. As a result, I decided to open Sy Pharmacy and Wellness to provide more unique personalized services to the community, than is found in a traditional retail pharmacy in Rainier Valley.

Sy Pharmacy and Wellness strives to make a difference in the lives of patients, and their families.

Went here for boosters and was pleasantly surprised by how charming everyone is! Feels like a classic family pharmacy you’d see in a movie where they’re all just happy to be helping the community. Such a stark contrast to the typical pharmacy experience that is entirely mundane and transactional. Zack Jaffe-Notier

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Wonderful and caring personalized service. Ms Sy is an asset to the community! My 86 yo mother just moved here, and Sy Pharmacy produces EXTREMELY CONVENIENT "blister-packs" of all her (many) medications, a service not provided by many pharmacies (thanks to my cousin for the research and selection on this!). Today, because my mother's medications had not yet arrived in the mail, someone from Sy Pharmacy drove to our home to deliver them to her! What a gem of a pharmacy! Leslie Howells

Lovely local pharmacy. Very helpful and responsive staff. I often get a hold of the pharmacist directly when I call.

I just walked in in with a prescription and it will be only ten minutes to get it filled. Amatullah Adam

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